Pageant Results 2014

Please see our facebook page for more information about the Grand Finale on 15th November 2014 at Park Inn Hotel, London Heathrow and more about the contestants, the runners up, the and of course the winners!

These were the prizes for the main ten winners:
– A crown
– A trophy
– A sash
– A goodie bag worth £100 from Bobbie the CEO of Shea Natural Wholesome Skincare containing Shea products!

In addition The triple crown winners (Miss Teen, Miss, Mrs) won a photo-shoot voucher worth £500 from one of our sponsors who was in fact one of our VIP judges for the night – namely Nick Reynolds – see NickReynoldsPhotography for more information about this motivational speaker.

We didn’t make these prizes known before hand because we believe winning in our pageants is not about taking home prizes but about empowering people for charitable projects.  But we do like to give nice prizes if we can and we do thank our lovely sponsors for these.  Next year we’re hoping to get Vodafone & Western Union on board so watch this space!

Teen: Brandina Lubuli (Zambia)
Miss: La Toya Moffat Moffat (Saint Lucia)
Mrs: Portia Sam Hwera (Botswana)
Mr: Danish Wakeel (Pakistan)

Africa: Joy Onumajuru (Nigeria)
Asia-Pacific: Kashmira Antia (India)
Caribbean: Ketisha Williams (Trinidad & Tobago)
Euro-Atlantic: Sofia Fernandes (Portugal)

Queen: Su Va She (Valerie Sheibels) (USA)
King: Bartoz Kol (Poland)

Culture: Ketisha Williams (Trinidad & Tobago)
Charity: Daniela Gasser (South Africa)

MIss: Rotondwa Musitha (South Africa)
Mr: Danish Wakeel (Pakistan)

Miss Teen: Daniela Gasser (South Africa)
Miss: Ivy Kennette (Canada)
Mrs: Barbara Gayle (Jamaica)
Mr: Daniel Matthews (England)
QoF: Dominika Lowicka (Poland)

Anel De Swardt – Mrs Commonwealth International 2012-13 and the National Director this year for South Africa was awarded the title Miss Commonwealth Eternal.

Alafair Celestine (Presenter) the first Miss Commonwealth International in 2004 was awarded the title: Miss Commonwealth Eternal.

Karina Dempster, a winner in 2009 who subsequently took the world by storm representing Kazakhstan was awarded the title Eternal Queen of Friends of the Commonwealth.

IVHES AWARD CERTIFICATES (International Voluntary Humanitarian and Environmental Services)

Princess Halliday: This is to certify that PRINCESS HALLIDAY of EMPOWER AFRICA INITIATIVE being THE YOUNGEST INTELLIGENT EXECUTIVE PRODUCER and TV TALKSHOW HOST IN HISTORY on Saturday 15th November 2014 at Park Inn Hotel, London Heathrow was awarded an IVHES Award.

Firstlady Dame Judith Amaechi: This is to certify that Her Excellency DAME JUDITH AMAECHI Head of the EMPOWER SUPPORT INITIATIVE which CAMPAIGNS AGAINST HIV/AIDS ADVOCATE THE RIGHTS OF WOMEN AND CHILDREN and PROMOTES GENDER EQUALITY AND GIRL-CHILD EDUCATION on Saturday 15th November 2014 at Park Inn Hotel, London Heathrow was awarded an IVHES Award.



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