Pageant Results 2012

The New Queens for 2012-13

On Saturday 17th November 2012 at Civic Hall, Blackshots, Essex, London UK
The ten new queens were crowned!

Triple Crown

Pageant Results 2012 - Triple Crown

Mrs Commonwealth International – Anel De Swardt-Strydom (South Africa)

Miss Commonwealth International – Shona Muraldo-Parks (Trinidad and Tobago)

Miss Teen Commonwealth International – Sasha Wright (England)

Cultural Sector Crowns

Pageant Results 2012 - Cultural Queens

Miss Commonwealth Euro-Atlantic – Robyn Ferguson (Scotland)

Miss Commonwealth Asia-Pacific – Nima Patel (India)

Miss Commonwealth Africa – ina-Bella Van Der Merwe (South Africa)

Miss Commonwealth Caribbean – Chanise Thompson (Jamaica)

Queen of Friends and Special Awards

Pageant Results 2012 - QFC etc

Queen of Friends of the Commonwealth  – Jessica Dos Santos (Portugal)

Miss Commonwealth Diamond Jubilee – Laura Entwistle (England)

Miss Commonwealth UK Olympiad – Beverley Roberts (Wales)

Pioneer Queen

The queens were crowned by the stunning pioneer queen, Jayne Slater, Miss Commonwealth England 2002, who looked immaculate proudly sporting a spotless sash that is a perfect indication of the pageant’s long-running history.



1st R-Up: Robyn Morrison (Mrs Commonwealth Australia)

2nd R-Up: Christyne Remnant (Mrs Commonwealth England Inner Beauty)


1st R-Up: Chanise Thompson ( Miss Commonwealth Jamaica)

2nd R-Up: Simone Fairweather (Miss Commonwealth Jamaica International)

Miss Teen

1st R-Up: Robyn Ferguson (Miss Teen Commonwealth Scotland)

2nd R-Up: Cara-Lee Wiese (Miss Teen Commonwealth South Africa)


Joint 1st. R-Up:  Beverley Roberts (Miss Commonwealth Scotland)

Joint 1st. R-Up:  Laura Entwistle   (Miss Commonwealth England)


1st. R-Up:             Neha Gahlot     (Miss Commonwealth India)

Joint 2nd. R-Up:   Jennifer Butha  (Miss Teen Commonwealth Australia)

Joint 2nd. R-Up:   Puja Goyal       (Miss Commonwealth India Culture)


1st. R-Up:     Cara-Lee Wiese  (Miss Teen Commonwealth South Africa)

2nd. R-Up:   Chika Chikezie    (Miss Commonwealth Nigeria Charity)


1st. R-Up:   Simone Fairweather  (Miss Commonwealth Jamaica International)

2nd. R-Up: Tysha Pilgrim (Miss Commonwealth Jamaica Culture)

Queen Of Friends Of The Commonwealth

1st. R-Up:     Neha Gahlot      ( Miss Commonwealth India)

2nd. R-Up:   Pavan Johal       ( Miss Commonwealth India Charity)

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