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Beauty’s charitable mission…

Sensationally beautiful mother, Jayne and daughter, Gemma are a duo dedicated to “beauty’s charitable mission” which promotes community Quality of Life improvement across the world. They wish to broaden awareness of their charity appeals.

Created and perfected by Miss Commonwealth International, the mission involves participation, from all ages and cultural groups in the Commonwealth and rest of the world, in charitable activities, including giving support to charity events and hospices, and fundraising, in aid of quality of life improvement of the poor, the sick, the disabled, the homeless, the feeble elderly, and natural disaster victims, etc.

Jayne represents and holds the title of the married women’s and mothers’ pageant, Mrs Commonwealth International. The pageant is open to charitably inclined married women of Commonwealth origin of any age from 25 years seeking the opportunity to exercise their inner beauty, on a grand scale, in an official and authoritative capacity, as cultural and charity ambassadors, so empowered by the pageant.

As the reigning queen of Commonwealth’s married women and mothers, Jayne has undertaken and, in numerous ways, promoted many charity fundraising activities. She has made appearances at many charitable events and has been invited to judge various national and international pageants and to host numerous high profile events in the UK and abroad. Her graceful and friendly demeanour makes her ever so approachable and pleasant company to be with, and thus, an effective and admirable representative of the pageant. As the resident host and presenter of Model Search UK she has helped the company raise over £19,000 for the charity, Breakthrough Breast Cancer.

Gemma, the reigning Miss Commonwealth UK, is a carbon copy of her mother, in charitable disposition. Before she took the title last July, she had frequently accompanied her mother to charity events, and was looking forward to the day when she would be able to conduct the teamwork officially. She is now the proud overseer of the pageant’s national ambassadorial cultural and charity activities in England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales.

In addition to their said activities, the two queens have set up a joint charity fundraising appeals page on to raise money for the Great Ormond Street Hospital Children’s Charity. They invite the world to support their appeal and you can do so through the donation link .

The public can come along and see Jayne, Gemma and other culture and charity ambassadors in action at the Commonwealth International Cultural and Charity Evening TV-Special Showcase (CICCETSS) 2010 event at the Stantonbury Campus Theatre ( in Milton Keynes on 30th October 2010. The two queens recently raised awareness of their charity appeals and of the CICCETSS when they attended the Milton Keynes and North Bucks Chamber of Commerce Awards 2010.

The CICCETSS is a multi-purpose community Quality of Life Improvement promotion platform: As well as promoting cultural awareness, community cohesion, community empowerment, family life, volunteering, charity appeals, and fundraising for charities, among other initiatives, the CICCETSS is the platform for the annual contest for the title of Mrs Commonwealth International which is held alongside the contests for the titles of Miss Teen Commonwealth International, Miss Commonwealth International, and Queen Of Friends Of The Commonwealth. Other titles in the contest: Miss Commonwealth Euro-Atlantic, Asia-Pacific, Africa and Caribbean.

The unique platform also serves to promote philanthropy through the presentation of the International Voluntary Humanitarian and Environmental Services (IVHES) Awards to recognise and celebrate commendable voluntary endeavours by community champions. The honourable Dr Nelson Mandela of South Africa was one of the proud recipients of the awards in 2006. Although Jayne and the other current title holders are about to take their final walk after crowning their respective successors at the forthcoming pageant, she is not about to leave the charity scene yet, as she is due to be honoured, at the pageant, by the title of Mrs. Commonwealth Eternal, a special reserve title for honouring outstanding performance as community Quality of Life Improvement promotion ambassador.

Enquiries about the CICCETSS, supporting the above and other charity appeals and joining the pageant can be made by email to or through the websites at

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