Press Release : November 22, 2012

CICCETSS 2012 crowns 10 Class 2012/13 Culture and Charity Queens as icons of global community Quality of Life Improvement Promotion.

2013 Quality of Life improvement help for communities assured…

The CICCETSS 2012 Miss Commonwealth Pageant, held at the Civic Hall in Thurrock, London last Saturday, appointed 10 new culture and charity ambassadors to foster its global community quality of life improvement aims and objectives. The pageant was attended by national culture and charity ambassadors who flew in from various Commonwealth nations and other countries around the world, including Australia, Canada, South Africa, and India, etc to represent their respective nations, in the event.

The show was presented by co-hosts Abbey King Khawaja (an international media and business professional and CEO for European Education Studies) and Jacqueline Wabara (former beauty queen – Miss Nigeria Europe; Founder and CEO of Miss Nubia Foundation; and BEFFTA 2012 -Best Pageant Director Award winner).

A 7-strong panel of judges and an adjudicator scored the contest for the pageant’s ten title crowns.

The ten new queens have the respective title crowns of Miss Teen Commonwealth International (Sasha Wright form Thurrock, England), Miss Commonwealth International (Shona Muraldo-Parks of Trinidad and Tobago), Mrs Commonwealth International (Anel De Swardt Strydom from South Africa), Miss Commonwealth Africa (Tina-Bella Van Der Merwe from South Africa), Miss Commonwealth Asia-Pacific (Nima Patel – India), Miss Commonwealth Caribbean (Chanise Thompson – Jamaica) and Miss Commonwealth Euro-Atlantic (Robyn Ferguson – from Scotland), Queen Of Friends Of The Commonwealth (Jessica Dos Santos – from Portugal).

The queens were crowned by the stunning pioneer queen, Jayne Slater, Miss Commonwealth England 2002, who looked immaculate proudly sporting a spotless sash that is a perfect tell-tale of the pageant’s long-running history.

In keeping with the pageant’s renown as a successful international platform for the empowerment of women of all ages to realise their dreams as economic, social and cultural contributors to community and environmental sustainability through beauty pageantry, the new queens have been invested as culture and charity ambassadors, with life-membership of the pageant’s Council of International Culture and Charity Ambassadors (CICCA).

The new ambassadors are poised to strictly uphold their roles, as icons of global Quality of Life Improvement Promotion, to use their titles to help promote the pageant’s aims and objectives, including raising money for registered humanitarian and environmental charities and projects. They watched, with a yearning for the position of Queen Hayley Mac, the outgoing Miss Commonwealth International, as she was awarded the special reserve title of Miss Commonwealth Eternal, demonstrating its essence as a special reward and incentive for performance beyond the call of duty.

The pageant’s aims and objectives include the increased promotion of global cultural awareness, community cohesion, philanthropy, family values, ladies’ sport and fundraising for registered humanitarian and environmental charities and projects around the world, etc, including those concerned with disadvantaged children (e.g. Great Ormond Street Hospital), cancers, poverty-eradication, homelessness, the fragile elderly, and natural and war disaster victims, etc.

To all the finalists who took part in the event, the organising committee says: “You are all winners. Remember, each of you belongs in that outstanding class of 170 finalists shortlisted from several thousand high quality applicants. The results might have been different if most finalists’ attendance had not been deterred by financial circumstances…The committee applauds your efforts and congratulates, not only the ten amongst you who were crowned, but all of you who successfully secured your positions as titled national Cultural and Charity Ambassadors, with life-membership of the CICCA …Bless you!”

Finally, the committee wishes to share with the finalists and everyone else at Miss Commonwealth, Jayne Slater’s and her mum’s following message:

“Thank you for inviting us to Miss Commonwealth 2012
Congratulations to your winners.
We had a good time.
Diane & Jayne”

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