Press Release: July 3, 2009

Inner Beauty’s Charitable Pledge


Over 150 beauty queens at the “CICCETSS 2009”, to be held October 24th 2009 in Redbridge, Greater London, pledge to use their titles to raise money for life, for charities.

The queens are finalists selected to represent their respective Euro-Atlantic, Asia-Pacific, African and Caribbean nations in a contest for the title of “Miss Commonwealth International 2009”, taking place within the Commonwealth International Cultural and Charity Evening TV-Special Showcase (CICCETSS) 2009 event, at the Redbridge Town Show Hall venue in London on 24th October 2009.

The CICCETSS, now in its 7th year, is a unique and spectacular not-for-profit annual international community quality of life improvement promotion programme of 53 Commonwealth Euro-Atlantic, Asia-Pacific, African, and Caribbean nations, represented by their respective national Culture and Charity Ambassadors aged 16-60. It is a fabulous and popular family night-out and a global entertainer which everyone looks forward to every year.

In accordance with the purpose of the programme, the CICCETSS 2009 will showcase 1) the formal investiture and empowerment of the above finalists as authorised national culture and charity ambassadors; 2) the collaboration of the above Commonwealth nations, represented by their respective cultural and charity ambassadors, in the celebration and promotion of cultural awareness and exchange, philanthropy, charitable giving and the other community Quality of Life improvement objectives referred to below; 3) the contest to select and crown the seven principal international cultural and charity queens of the Commonwealth as ambassadors and role models for the global promotion of the above objectives; and 4) the recognition and promotion of volunteering by the presentation of commendation certificates and the International Voluntary Humanitarian and Environmental Services (IVHES) Awards referred to below, to deserving nominees for commendable voluntary endeavour; etc.

The Miss Commonwealth pageant is held alongside the Miss Teen Commonwealth, Mrs Commonwealth, Miss Commonwealth Africa, Miss Commonwealth Asia-Pacific, Miss Commonwealth Caribbean, Miss Commonwealth Euro-Atlantic, Miss Commonwealth UK and Queen of Friends of the Commonwealth pageants.

The Miss Commonwealth pageants, where charity comes before beauty, aim to be “a charitable community initiative powered by Inner Beauty”. The queens are ambassadors and vehicles for the promotion of the pageant’s community Quality of Life improvement objectives which include increased promotion of women’s economic and social welfare, eradication of poverty, Commonwealth unity, cultural awareness and exchange, international volunteering, philanthropy, education, tourism, children’s welfare, green issues, animal welfare and fundraising for charitable organisations and humanitarian and environmental projects across the Commonwealth and the wider international community. These are in better detail on the pageant’s websites at and

Most of the delegates are living up to the pageant’s household name of “Inner Beauty” as they pledge to charity-fundraise for life, and sign up at to raise money for the Great Ormond Street Hospital Children’s Charity and other registered charities, under the pageant’s charity-fundraising programme dubbed “Charity Eternal”. The CICCETSS will present Charity Eternal Fundraiser Certificates to all participants in the programme, and crown the highest fundraiser “Charity Queen”, titled Miss Commonwealth Charity 2009.

The Miss Commonwealth Pageant attracts all age groups (from 16-60 plus) of charitable inclinations, and is structured to crown 7 principal queens of the Commonwealth each year, with the major titles of: “Miss Teen Commonwealth International”, “Miss Commonwealth International” and “Mrs Commonwealth International”, (comprising the Triple Crown programme); and “Miss Commonwealth Euro-Atlantic”, “Miss Commonwealth Asia-Pacific”, “Miss Commonwealth Africa” and “Miss Commonwealth Caribbean” (comprising the cultural promotion programme).

A Spokeswoman for the pageant explained: “The 7-title structure promotes increased community participation from three age groups and all four cultural sectors of the Commonwealth, in the promotion of the pageant’s community Quality of Life improvement aims and objectives, nationally and internationally.” This also promotes cultural exchange and re-invigorates the Commonwealth.

The pageant now has over 700 culture and charity queens around the world, and the number is growing, annually. This represents a strong charity fundraising force and influence on community charitableness. These unsung heroes and community champions include the likes of Jayne Slatter, Miss Commonwealth England 2004/6 who raised over £800,000, and Amanda Jane Taylor, the reigning Miss Commonwealth Scotland and Miss Commonwealth Charity International, whose endless list of charitable works and charity-fundraising, in excess of £1Million, earned her the invitation, by the Lord Provost of Aberdeen City and the Lord Provost of Aberdeen Shires, to be an ambassador for the North-East region. She is to be further honoured by the pageant by the award of the title of Miss Commonwealth Eternal at the CICCETSS 2009. There is more about her on her website at

This year’s delegates are aiming to equal or exceed and build on the achievements of the reigning queens and their predecessors who managed to raise a record sum in excess of £4Million for registered charities around the world, in the two years to December 2006.

The CICCETSS 2009 programme will include the presentation of commendation certificates and the International Voluntary Humanitarian and Environmental Services (IVHES) Awards 2009 to deserving nominees for commendable voluntary endeavour, to celebrate and promote international volunteering. Proud previous recipients of the award include the Honourable Dr. Nelson Mandela of South Africa.

The CICCETSS 2009 presents various sponsorship opportunities together with commercial benefits and rewards for sponsors. These are outlined on the website at Participation in the sponsorship opportunities is a prudent commercial investment in promoting, marketing and branding a sponsor’s business or products, while rewardingly fulfilling essential Corporate Social Responsibility obligations as well as helping invaluably to promote the programme’s good causes.

Green and leafy Redbridge, aptly boasting a maple leaf as its corporate logo, was chosen as the ideal host venue for the event because the East London town’s envied cosmopolitan profile is reminiscent of the Commonwealth cultural diversity celebrated and promoted by the event.

Author: CCS Media PR Garamond

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