Press Release – January 3, 2009

The contest for the prestigious Miss Commonwealth International 2009 title crown is scheduled to take place as a major item of the CICCETSS 2009 programme on 31 October 2009, at an exquisite London venue.

The CICCETSS (Commonwealth International Cultural and Charity Evening TV-Special Showcase) is an annual event which promotes cultural exchange and philanthropy and involves participation from Commonwealth African, Asia-Pacific, Euro-Atlantic and Caribbean nations.

The cultural and charity evening is a red carpet sensation which will be beamed to an estimated 2.5 billion global audience and it will showcase the rich cultural diversity of the Commonwealth and other themes, including the promotion of unity, fundraising for global giving and cultural awareness, etc.

The beauty pageant, which will include various supporting activities, will showcase over 100 national beauty queens representing 53 Commonwealth nations and others queens from other nations in the rest of the world and specially identified, in the programme, as Friends of the Commonwealth.

The unique pageant, which is a multicultural community empowerment platform for women of all ages, facilitates their effective participation in the promotion of community Quality of Life improvement. To this end, the pageant is structured to produce 8 queens, as international role models, at each annual international contest, with the respective titles of “Miss Commonwealth International”, “Miss Teen Commonwealth International”, “Mrs Commonwealth International”, “Miss Commonwealth Africa”, “Miss Commonwealth Asia-Pacific”, “Miss Commonwealth Euro-Atlantic”, “Miss Commonwealth Caribbean” and “Queen Of Friends Of The Commonwealth”.

The queens’ respective roles include the general role of helping to promote the pageant’s aims and objectives, including “the promotions of cultural awareness, unity, family values, good parenthood, education, poverty eradication, tourism and fundraising for charitable organisations and humanitarian and environmental projects”, etc. The aims and objectives are reflected in the titles awarded to national finalist contestants in the final selection processes leading to the international contest.

The proceeds from the show will go to various charities, including the Great Ormond Street Hospital Children’s Charity, Cancer Research UK, NSPCC, WEN, among others.

The CICCETSS event is a fabulous and popular family night-out and a global entertainer which everyone looks forward to every year.

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