Cultural Sector: Caribbean

Miss Commonwealth Caribbean is a cultural sector sister-pageant of Miss Commonwealth International.  Participation is open to females aged 16 or over whose country of origin is in the Caribbean part of the world.  The contest for this title takes place at the annual international show.

Those who enter the main contest: MissMrs or Miss Teen are automatically entered for this pageant if they are representing a Commonwealth country in the this part of the world. If there is a semi-final for your country and you are not one of the winners you are welcome to apply directly to the international show to compete for this title only. See the HOME page for a list of Commonwealth countries in this part of the world.

This pageant is open to contestants from all countries of the world so if you enter for Queen of Friends of the Commonwealth pageant you will automatically be entered into this pageant if are representing a country in this part of the world.

Please see the RULES page for a more precise definition. The entry form may be found on the APPLY page.

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