In recognition of Princess Halliday’s outstanding work in diverse fields including her service to humanity, Princess Halliday has been honoured with many laurels including being recognised by her Outstanding Leadership to Africa by the Canadian Federal Government and House of Parliament from Canada and the youngest Executive producer by Miss Commonwealth.

She is currently the only Nigerian with an additional degree in Leadership. After a thorough research of educated leaders in Nigeria, Princess Halliday is noted by Miss Commonwealth London to have been the first young Nigerian female to have a degree in Leadership and properly understand what it means to lead authentically.

In 2012, Princess Halliday realised the lack of structure and water system in the Niger Delta area. After her visit, she mobilised and harnessed Empower Africa Initiative with the Niger Delta Development Company (NDDC) of Nigeria and carried out the reticulation of pipes in the Niger Delta area, creating pipe borne water for several Niger Delta communities.

Empower Africa Initiative alongside Princess Halliday designed the merchandise theme, “Empowered” which is designed to help prepare and guide people to achieve their own Empowered parity. Portions of proceeds from this design goes towards helping the underprivileged in Africa. The sales have garnered support from several celebrities and people of note. Stay Positive!

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