Hall of Fame 2006-12

Triple Crown (Mrs, Miss, Miss Teen)

A unique concept of beauty pageantry involving the collaboration of all age groups in a joint international promotion of community
Quality of Life improvement


The 2010 reigning corporate Queen of the Mrs: Mrs Commonwealth International (Hannah McQuaig) with 1st and 2nd runners up Boikanyo Trust Phenyo (Botswana) and Janet Powell (Jamaica)  who know the  joy of taking part and being formally empowered as national and international culture and charity ambassadors … the joy of observing the global community as true role models for women.

2009-2010 (Mrs)


2006-2008  (Mrs)
Show'06 3Mrs-SA-Malta-NZ


The reigning Miss (Hayley Mac (England). The 1st & 2nd runners-up were Simone Fairweather (Jamaica) and Zoiey Marie Smale (India).

2009-2010 (Miss)
Joanna Peagrum
border09 10 25_1300joanna

Miss 2006-2008 (Miss)
Aquelle Plakaris

Miss Teen

Sade Dillworth (England).
Workshop 2011-regentsshoot-a

2009- 2010 (Miss Teen)
Eliza Bolli
borderElisa Bolli

The Cultural Sector Queens 

Miss Euro-Atlantic – Gemma Cunningham (England)
Miss Caribbean – Natalie Mitchell (Grenada)
Miss Asia-Pacific – Jasmine Johnson (India)
Miss Africa – Khayanga Wasike (Kenya)

2009-2010 (Cultural Sector Queens)
webworkphoto09 10 24_1402-veronica-khosawebworkphoto09 10 24_2056-winners-culturalgroupAAwebworkphoto09 10 24_2056-winners-carib

? (Cultural Sector Queens)


Queen of Friends

Jessica Dos Santos (Portugal), Runners up: Pava Johal & Neha Gahlot.

2010-2011 (Queen of Friends)
Zandra Flores (Philippines), Runners Up: Nokuthula Sithole (Zimbabwe) & Devina Davidson (Brazil)
image018border20101030_6325 - borderphoto-cultura

2009-2010 (Queen of Friends)
Karina Dempster (Slovakia), Runners Up:  Dorota and Marta Lopatynska-de-Slepowron
100425_3400_edited-1borderKarina Dempster-QFC99Milton keynes'07 gala-dorota&marta-MVC-142F

Well done Dorota and Marta – having won the titles Mrs & Miss Commonwealth England Environment in 2007 they returned in 2009 representing Poland and become runners up of Queen of Friends !  Please see their website at mystical-rainbow

17Sep2014: Recently, Dorota became a celebrity when she appeared on TV in BBC Three Boom Town series (2013) as the Detective, as Mermaid, as the President and several very popular scenes. Here are some links:
She also made some delightful music videos. Here are two:

2007-2008  (Queen of Friends)

If anybody has any pictures of the Queen of Friends winner & runners up for 2007 please let us know.

2006-2007  (Queen of Friends)

Martina Benkova (Slovakia), Runner up: Camilla Ruby (Sweden)


Champion and exemplary international volunteer and world-renown charity-fundraiser  – over £1.5M raised to December 2006 – Dental Hygienist, Professional Model and Singer,  Amanda-Jane Taylor, reigning Miss Commonwealth Charity  International, Miss Commonwealth Scotland 2004-6, Miss Commonwealth International 1st.Runner-Up 2004  and due to be crowned Miss Commonwealth Eternal.  She wsa an official North-East Region Ambassador and winner of the 2007 North Sounds Radio’s Outstanding Contribution To The Community Awards. She is also an Awareness campaigner and mentor for Huntington’s Disease.

Exemplary charity-fundraiser – over £800K raised – Jayne-Louise Slatter -Miss Commonwealth England 2004/6 and Miss Commonwealth Sport International 2006  -is a qualified Physical Education Teacher who is also renown for her work in raising awareness about Alopecia and mentoring & promoting self-confidence among sufferers.

Kate Hallam, former Miss Commonwealth England Inner Beauty, former Face of Debenham Super Model was one of Miss Commonwealth’s top 3 charity fundraisers in 2004.  She was awarded the Special Reserve title of Miss Commonwealth Culture International 2006.
Kate Hallam

Sonnia Hassanien, former Miss Commonwealth England Inner Beauty International Super Model was one of Miss Commonwealth’s top 3 charity fundraisers in 2004. She was awarded the Special Reserve title of Miss Commonwealth Inner Beauty International 2006.

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