Upcoming Events

Grand Final 2014

Fundraiser Award 2014

Events Annually and Throughout the Year

Miss Commonwealth organises various community events annually and throughout the year to promote and celebrate its community aims and objectives, including raising money for charity.

The events include:

  • Appearances – for example opening a new shop – a charity collection, media coverage, photoshoot opportunity.
  • Fashion Shows promoting Commonwealth fashion designers, designs and fabrics, etc. These shows are an exhibition of the Commonwealth’s rich colourful cultural diversity in fashions and young designers also get the chance to showcase their talents. Proceeds go to charity.
  • Queens Photo shoots – one or more a year to help queens build up their personal portfolios.
  • Community fun night-outs at top city night clubs. Proceeds from tickets go to charity.
  • Queens Induction Workshops for new queens.
  • Charity Dinner & Dance galas.

Community Awards

Awards are presented at the annual pageant. The principal awards are:

  • International Voluntary Humanitarian and Environmental (IVHES) Awards – these are special commendation trophies awarded to community champions nominated by the public around the world.
  • Participation and Achievement Certificates for all contestants.
  • Sashes and Crowns for the winners of each category – sashes for the runners up.
  • The most special eternal title award for queens who have given exceptional service – to be announced at the each pageant show.

Community Projects Under Consideration

(Ideas welcome!)

  • Commonwealth Race For Charity
  • Annual Charity Diner and Dance Gala
  • MC Perfume range for Teens, Adults and Older Women
  • MC Television

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