Applicants for 2015

The applicants shown here have individually applied to be a contestant and the selection committee will let them know in due course if they have been approved to attend the Grand Finale in November 2015 in London.  Any contestants submitted by National Directors will be automatically accepted by the selection committee and any individual contestant for that country will then be held in reserve in case the National Director fails to deliver a contestant for her category.  With the National Director’s permission they may in any case be allowed to enter the contest to compete only for a cultural sector title – eg Miss Commonwealth Africa – rather than the main titles of Miss Teen, Miss & Mrs.

There will be 4 rounds: Traditional Wear (with national flag), Sports Wear (pink/white), Leisure Wear (fashionable) and Evening Wear (dress to impress).

Please note that our main objective is is to empower our pageant winners to run their own charitable projects – for example see what Lenie Maggy Pieterse – Miss Commonwealth International 2013-14 (South Africa) – got up to here. So ask not what we can do for you – ask instead what you can do for us!  
Click on any photo below to zoom in.
018 Oshin Morgan

Miss Teen Jamaica

017 Francis Cardoso

Venezuela King of Friends

016 Afia Anika

Miss Teen Bangladesh

015 Albertina Peter

Miss Namibia

012 Enwongo Eyoette

Miss Nigeria

011 Sadia Mckay

Miss Bahamas

010 Soukaina Elouachchini

Morocco Queen of Friends

009 Jhenelle Thomas

Miss Teen Jamaica

008 Nisha Verma

Mrs India

006 Jessikah Orzco

Miss Australia

002 Anastasiia

Ukraine Queen of Friends

001 Rachel Francis

Mrs England

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