Contestants for 2014

All the contestants shown here have been selected as worthy to represent their country.  The selection committee will let them know individually if they have been approved to attend the Grand Finale on Saturday 15th November at the Hotel Park Inn by Radisson near Heathrow Airport – see here for details.

There will be 4 rounds: Traditional Wear (with national flag), Sports Wear (pink/white), Leisure Wear (fashionable) and Evening Wear (dress to impress).

Click on any photo to zoom in.

100 Tj Tijan

Sudan King of Friends

099 Mariama Diallo

Guinea Queen of Friends

098 Daniel Matthews

Mr England

097 Bartoz Kolodziejczyk

Poland King of Friends

096 Zygimantas Rimkus

Lithuania King of Friends

095 Rachel Francis

Mrs England

093 Jean Gasho

Mrs Zimbabwe

092 Joy Onumajuru

Miss Nigeria Humanity

091 Anna Lutajeva

Latvia Queen of Friends

090 Benas Linkiavicius

Lithuania King of Friends

088 Nasra Mohammed

Miss Kenya

087 Charlotte Mellish

Miss England Heritage

086 Beauty Istifanus

Miss Nigeria

Director: Strud Models

Commonwealth Nigeria Pageant

085 Ivannah Onuegbu

Miss Teen Nigeria

Director: Strud Models

Commonwealth Nigeria Pageant

084 Imafidon Phoebeana

Mrs Nigeria

Director: Strud Models

Commonwealth Nigeria Pageant

083 Acho Emmanuel

Mr Nigeria

Director: Strud Models

Commonwealth Nigeria Pageant

082 Theresa Okochi

Miss Nigeria Progress

081 Massah Johnson

Liberia Queen of Friends

080 Hanaa Wayne

Somalia Queen of Friends

079 Esme Sackey

Miss Ghana

078 Setareh Kahkeshan

Netherlands Queen of Friends

076 Sylvia Namutebi

Miss Uganda

075 Carolina Dos Santos

Angola Queen of Friends Culture

074 Nkemdilim Odogwu

Miss Nigeria Heritage

073 Paula Baciu

Romania Queen of Friends Culture

072 Barbara Gayle

Mrs Jamaica

070 Liz Johnson

Miss Commonwealth England Humanity

069 Lisa-Jane Ralph

Miss England Charity

Model Mayhem

068 Ismahan Said

Somalia Queen of Friends

066 Sandra Ezekiel

Miss Teen Nigeria Leadership

064 Laverne Asante

Miss South Africa Charity

Director: Anel De Swardt-Strydom

062 Rotondwa Musitha

Miss South Africa Culture

Director: Anel De Swardt-Strydom

060 Marinda Herbst

Mrs South Africa

Director: Anel De Swardt-Strydom

059 Ngawethu Ka-Siphiwo

Miss South Africa

Director: Anel De Swardt-Strydom

058 Daniela Gasser

Miss Teen South Africa

Director: Anel De Swardt-Strydom

057 Zaina Hydar

Miss Sierra Leone

055 Temitope James

Miss Nigeria Education

053 Samiksha Singh

Miss India Culture

052 La Toya Moffat

Miss Saint Lucia

051 Misty Bailey

Miss Jamaica Humanity

050 Ioannis Antypas

Greece King of Friends

049 Antonia Fontaine

Miss Antigua & Barbuda

048 Meera Patel

Miss India

047 Mirian Orji

Miss Nigeria Charity

046 Petrina Mathews

Miss Teen Namibia

045 Ketisha Williams

Miss Trinidad & Tobago

Facebook page

044 Gabriel Umbu

Miss Nigeria Prosperity

042 Sydney Mack

Mr Botswana

Director: Portia Sam (Botswana)

041 Goitseone Tshimologo

Miss Botswana

Director: Portia Sam (Botswana)

040 Portia Sam

Mrs Botswana

Director: Portia Sam (Botswana)

039 Ruth Ebite

Miss Nigeria Culture

038 Kashmira Antia

Mrs India

Director: Aspi Wadiwalla (Canada & USA)

Facebook page

037 Victoria Bartolo

Miss Teen Canada

Director: Aspi Wadiwalla (Canada & USA)

036 Nicoletta Lapa

Italy Queen of Friends

035 Tonia Chinasa 

Miss Nigeria Sports

034 Elysia Thomas 

Miss Jamaica Culture

033 Adekemi Yekanmi

Miss Teen Nigeria Arts

032 Bobby Kaanjosa

Mr Namibia

031 Ivy Kennette

Miss Canada

Director: Aspi Wadiwalla (Canada & USA)

030 Valerie Sheibels

USA Queen of Friends

Director: Aspi Wadiwalla (Canada & USA)

Facebook page

029 Brandina Lubuli

applied for

Miss Teen Zambia

Facebook page

028 Mihaela Stan

Romania Queen of Friends Charity

027 Sofia Fernandes

Portugal Queen of Friends Culture

025 Danielle Yen

Taiwan Queen of Friends

Facebook page

024 Danish Wakeel

Mr Pakistan

023 Nicole Vieira

Portugal Queen of Friends Charity

022 Asef Taheri

Iran King of Friends

021 Danrico Taylor

Mr England (Bath)

020 Anthony Douglas

Mr England (Kent)

019 Judd Berg

Mr England (Bath)

018 Luke Ellis

Mr England (Nottingham)

017 Ken Smart

Mr England (London)

016 Maria Allcock

Miss England Culture

015 Dominika Lowicka

Poland Queen of Friends

Facebook Page

014 Naseha Hamilton

Miss Teen England Education

013 Victoria Amao

Miss Nigeria Humanity

012 Sarafina Williams

Miss Teen Nigeria Education

011 Nicole Brown

Miss Jamaica Charity

010 Denise Mitchell

Miss England

009 Kakgotso Selema

Miss Botswana Culture

008 Nomana Khwaja

Miss Pakistan

007 Dorcas Mbevo

Miss Namibia

006 Donna Africa 

Zimbabwe Queen of Friends

The Queen of Dreams

005 Thando Nkomazana

Miss Botswana Charity

004 Haidi Labuthie

Guadeloupe Queen of Friends

003 Navile Chalomba

Miss Zambia Culture

002 Tina Shinga

Miss Zambia Charity

Tina Shinga Model

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