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In 2018 we crowned nine incredible winners at the Miss Commonwealth International Pageant. You could be next! The Commonwealth International Pageant is a lot of fun whilst promoting community cohesion.

About The Competition

Each year the Miss Commonwealth International Pageant celebrates its anniversary with up to 53 Commonwealth nations in four cultural sectors (Euro-Atlantic, Asia-Pacific, Africa and Caribbean sector) being represented by their Cultural and Charity Ambassadors in aid of the promotion of community Quality Of Life improvement. Show Content: A show-case of cultural glitz and glamour. An opportunity to promote cultural awareness and increased community charitableness. Contestants will make an entrance wearing their nation’s traditional dress and bearing their nation’s flag.

As part of the entertainment, some contestants will demonstrate talent, at an appropriate stage of the contest by whatever means they choose, for example: by dance, song, recitals, musical instrument, comedy, painting, etc. The list is endless but excludes acrobatics. The only aspect of this section which judges are asked to take note of is the confidence with which contestants delivers their performance. Please note that we cannot provide musical instruments for this purpose.

Community Awareness:
Contestants will promote increased community awareness of the Commonwealth by answering one of a number of brief questions about the Commonwealth and cultural heritage. They will be given the questions together with ready-made answers in advance during the prejudging interviews. The only aspect of this section which judges are asked to take note of is the confidence with which contestants delivers their answer.

The traditional wear section is not included in the judging so the competition is based entirely on the casual wear, sportswear and evening dress sections.

Competition Details

The venue for this year’s contest will be held at one of the prestigious Five Star Hotels in London
on 2nd May 2020 held at
Hilton Hotel London Watford,
Elton way, Watford
WD25 8HA

The Commonwealth International Cultural and Charity brand brings you a Commonwealth spectacular.

Miss Commonwealth International 2020!


Join us on the 2nd of May 2020 to watch our stunning contestants battle it out for 9 most prestigious and principal Ambassadorial title crowns.


The Miss Commonwealth Pageant Prizes include (but are not limited to, depending on sponsorship):

Prize Option 1

Luxury holiday of up to 5 days within Europe

Prize Option 3

6 months worth of Spa treatments (manicure & pedicures)
1 year gym membership

Prize Option 2

Professional Photoshoot
Model Agency Contract

Prize Option 4

Cash prizes of up to £250

Other Prizes


Contestants will receive a goodie bag which will include jewellery & hair products


Certificate of attendance


Category winners will receive a trophy


Winners will be required to represent sponsors and charitable partners such as Great Ormond Street Children’s Hospital

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the Pageant Categories?
Miss Teen Commonwealth International
Miss Commonwealth International
Mrs Commonwealth International
Mr Commonwealth International

Miss Commonwealth Africa
Miss Commonwealth Asia-Pacific
Miss Commonwealth Caribbean
Miss Commonwealth Euro-Atlantic

Queen Of Friends Of The Commonwealth

King of Friends of The Commonwealth

Understanding Miss Commonwealth?

The prestigious Miss Commonwealth …It’s more than a beauty pageant…

It is a unique and innovative cultural and charity brand of beauty pageant, with a focus on community Quality of Life improvement, and the empowerment of women. Hence its following very special and inimitable characteristics:-

A community empowerment institution and platform

Miss Commonwealth is globally renown for its reputation for empowering eligible Commonwealth ladies of all age groups, as Cultural and Charity Queens and Ambassadors, to promote their economic, social and cultural self-improvement, and to participate, authoritatively, in the promotion of community and environmental sustainability, in the interest of increased community Quality of Life improvement. This empowerment platform provides an outlet for productive and positive expression, and the release of the community benefits, of inner beauty.

Honourable Aims and Objectives

The pageant’s principal aims and objectives are to promote increased Quality of Life improvement, through the promotions of cultural awareness and exchange, family values, good parenthood, children’s welfare, health, education, poverty eradication, sport, international volunteering, community charitableness, tourism, environmental protection, and fundraising for registered charitable organisations and humanitarian and environmental projects, etc.

Distinguished Culture and Charity Queens and Ambassadors

Miss Commonwealth’s queens are specially styled and distinguished as Culture and Charity Queens and Ambassadors to reflect their purpose as role models and human vehicles for the effective promotion of the honourable community Quality of Life improvement aims and objectives of the pageant.

The Seven Principal Beauty Queen Title Crowns of The Commonwealth

Miss Commonwealth crowns seven principal international queens at each of its annual or biannual international beauty queen contests for two main reasons: The Triple Crown (Teen, Miss and Mrs.) promotes family life and participation from all age groups. The Cultural Sector Crown (Africa, Asia-Pacific, Caribbean and Euro-Atlantic) promotes cultural awareness, exchange, integration and excellence, etc.

The Wide Range Of Title Crown Extensions

Miss Commonwealth introduced numerous beauty queen title crowns reflecting its promoted aims and objectives, in order to i) promote wider community participation of eligible and capable Commonwealth ladies and ii) thus, enhance and broaden the reach of its community benefits, internationally. The aptly identified extensions include Arts, Culture, Charity, Education, Sport, Health, Tourism, Environment, etc. Hence, for example, the titles of Miss Commonwealth England Culture, Miss Commonwealth Wales Charity, Miss Commonwealth India Sport, etc. All national titles, with or without extension, carry equal weight.

Title Conferment Ceremony

Titles are formally conferred upon the holders at the CICCETSS (Commonwealth International Cultural and Charity Evening TV-Special Showcase). Non-attendance at the ceremony invalidates pre-event awarded titles.

National Culture and Charity Queens

Each Commonwealth nation is represented at the CICCETSS by their respective three national Triple Crown culture and charity queens (Teen, Miss and Mrs.) In addition, each nation can be further represented by delegates bearing national Triple Crown titles suffixed with any of the above title extensions, as appropriate. All delegates have equal status as contestants, in their respective pageants (Teen, Miss and Mrs.), for the international Triple Crown titles of Miss Teen Commonwealth International, Miss Commonwealth International, and Mrs. Commonwealth International.

Titles for Life

Title holders never fade into oblivion after their year of reign. The titles remain perpetually recognised and are as important any day as at conferment. Holders can continue to use their tiles, authoritatively, to promote good causes, through life.

Special Commendation Award Titles

For the time-being, these are Miss Commonwealth Charity International awarded for commendable voluntary charitable endeavour, and Miss Commonwealth Eternal awarded at retirement for exceptional and sustained performance as a charity queen.

Understanding Queen of Friends of The Commonwealth

QFC is an international sister-pageant of Miss Commonwealth.

It was incepted in response to popular demand from non-Commonwealth nations for a platform to enable their participation in the community aims and objectives of
Miss Commonwealth.

Participation in the QFC Pageant is open to female citizens of all non-Commonwealth nations of the world. National

QFCs are culture and charity ambassadors promoting quality of life improvement aims and objectives, identical to those of Miss Commonwealth, in their respective nations.

The annual contest for the International QFC title crown of Queen Of Friends Of the Commonwealth takes place at the CICCETSS on the same show stage as Miss Commonwealth. .

Entrants’ minimum age is 16. There is no maximum age-limit. To enter the QFC pageant, click the link below or copy it to your browser to access the online entry form, for your completion: Apply

Q FC Background

The ‘Friends of the Commonwealth’ Pageant is an adjunct of the Miss Commonwealth International Pageant.

It was set up by Commonwealth cultural Services in 2004 in response to popular demand from citizens of

non-Commonwealth countries for affiliation with the Commonwealth Culture and Charity Pageant.

Q FC Aims & Objectives

The ‘Friends Of The Commonwealth’ Pageant aims to be one of the world’s biggest beauty pageants serving many good causes, similar to those served by the Commonwealth pageant.

In particular, it promotes increased international volunteering, fundraising for charities around the world, and the enhancement of socio-economic relations between Commonwealth nations and the rest of the world.

The pageant holds annual international contests to select cultural and charity ambassadors as the vehicles for the promotion of its aims and objectives. It is open to all non-Commonwealth nations around the world.

Q FC Progress

The pageant staged its first international contest for the title of ‘Queen of Friends Of The Commonwealth’ in July 2006 on the same platform as the ‘Triple Crown Miss Teen, Miss and Mrs Commonwealth International 2006 Contest’.

The top dozen finalists in the contest came from Sweden, Bulgaria, Slovakia, Democratic Republic of Congo, Angola, Lithuania, Morocco, Croatia, Ivory Coast, and Somalia.

The winner and First Face of Queen Of Friends Of The Commonwealth 2006 was Martina Benkova, Slovakia Queen Of Friends Of The Commonwealth 2006. Her reign was for 2 years to July 2008. Her successors were Karina Dempster of Lithuania and the currently reigning Zandra Flores of The Philippines.

What is Mr. Commonwealth
MR COMMONWEALTH represents global philanthropy and community cohesion. It is a community Quality of Life improvement promotion pageant. It shares mutual support with Miss Commonwealth International for the welfare of humanity.

In these regards, the pageant serves as a community empowerment platform for the professional social, economic and cultural confidence development of Commonwealth men as:-

i). role models for the pageant’s promotion of community and environmental sustainability, and

ii). promoters, campaigners and spokespersons for charitable fundraising and essential resources provision for registered humanitarian and environmental charities and projects, around the world.

THE PURPOSE of this contest is to select a Commonwealth International Cultural and Charity King and Ambassador as a role model for the promotion of the pageant’s community Quality of Life improvement aims and objectives, which are better detail on the pageant’s website.

HOW DO YOU FIT IN? If you believe that you are reasonably passionate about charity and culture, we want to see you.

THIS SEARCH is for 54 national pageant male finalists (representing 54 Commonwealth nations – see countries list on pageant’s website).

They will compete, against each other, in the friendly grand final contest, at the Commonwealth International Cultural and Charity Evening TV-Special Showcase (CICCETSS) in London, for the most prestigious and priceless title crown of:-



Cultural Sector Crowns for: Africa, Asia-Pacific, Caribbean and Euro-Atlantic, eg: Mr. Commonwealth Euro-Atlantic, etc.

Commendation Awards Crowns: including, Mr. Commonwealth Charity, Mr. Commonwealth Culture, etc.

King Of Friends Of The Commonwealth – being the equivalent of Mr Commonwealth, contested for by the rest of the world.


Titles are formally conferred upon the holders at the CICCETSS (Commonwealth International Cultural and Charity Evening TV-Special Showcase). Non-attendance at the ceremony invalidates pre-event awarded titles.

END OF TERM: At the end of a king’s year of reign, he continues to enjoy the pageant’s perpetual support of his recognition as a king. Also, subject to how exceptionally well he performed, or continues to perform, he may be granted the special reserve title of MR COMMONWEALTH ETERNAL.

PRIZES AND AWARDS – Attractive prizes and awards await the winner and runners-up and goody bags for other finalists, etc.



No criminal record, Not wanted by the police.


Must be a Commonwealth citizen.
Must be a natural male.


All declare familiarity with, and willingness to abide by, the ENTRY RULES
(See websites for RULES and CITIZENSHIP details).


No height and size restrictions.
Must be a natural male.
Must be physically fit
No height or size restriction
Any reference to expenses in advertisements of this pageant in other media pertains only to applicants who are invited to provide essential services to the audition.


Apply Contest


+44(0)2082205327, +44(0)7961089730

Miss Commonwealth Social Inclusion International

What is the purpose of this project?

The project aims to empower people with disability authoritatively and confidently to promote social inclusion and to establish a support network for the provision of essential resources for the treatment and management of disabilities, globally.

What is the Ambassador’s role in the project?
The Social Inclusion Ambassador will undertake the voluntary role of global ambassador for the project.

In this regard, the ambassador is officially empowered acts as a spokesperson and a representative for the disabled community:

i) in campaigns to governments, charities, health authorities, disability equipment suppliers, etc, for essential resources;

ii) at disability conferences and seminars around the world, etc.

It is noteworthy that all expenses, including communication, equipment, access and mobility, travel and subsistence, and clothing, etc, will be met by the appropriate bodies.

What are the selection criteria ?

Applicants for the role must be female, registered as disabled, and possess excellent communication skills.

Disability in this context must be visibly symbolised by wheelchair usage.

How long will the winner hold the title for ?

(Duration of Reign): The Social Inclusion Ambassador will reign for a maximum period of 2 years and pass her crown to her successor at the end of her reign.

Where can I apply and obtain more information?
To apply or seek further information, please send an email to

A simple application form and any further relevant information will be forwarded to you.  

The CICCETSS – family entertainment at its best. Fully loaded to entertain robustly. We can’t help repeating what we said before about the show: The audience will enjoy an unforgettable breath-taking cultural extravaganza of Commonwealth fashions, music, artistic talent, and people. More than a beauty pageant, the CICCETSS is an exhilarating showcase of Commonwealth cultural excellence and an inspiring exhibition of the benefits of inner beauty by gracefully attractive national ambassadors of culture and charity.

The CICCETSS audience will experience the participation of over 100 beauty queens representing their nations in the promotion of unity, cultural awareness and exchange, philanthropy and fundraising for registered charities and humanitarian and environmental projects around the world. The show promises to be a great family entertainment giving the audience, not only a taste of the Commonwealth, in all its diversity and colourful cultures, but also, colourful cultures from various nations around the world.

At the end of the show, you will be saying “I am glad I was in the audience !”

More about Your Big Night-Soon

Grand Entrance Costume: Contestants make a grand entrance onto the show stage, wearing their national cultural costumes, and carrying their national flags. One by one, they introduce themselves, stating their names, their titles, and the countries they represent.

Segment One : Contestants re-appear in pink or white, or two-tone pink and white Sportswear, according to their choice, to demonstrate physical fitness, etc…

Segment Two: Contestants re-enter the stage in Casual Wear to present a relaxed mood to the audience and the panel of judges…

Segment Three: Contestants return to the stage in dress-to-kill Evening Dress, in which they remain for the rest of the evening.

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