Resize a picture

If a picture you are trying to upload is too big – ie greater than 1 megabyte – you can use the online service at to reduce it:
– drag and drop picture to the Select Picture box or Browse to find it on your computer
– click on Quick Resize
– type 60 in the Max Filesize box
– click on I’m Done, Quick Resize My Picture!
– your resized picture will land in your download area – usually My Documents\Downloads

Alternatively you can install the  Image Resizer Powertool for Windows. Then all you need to do to resize your picture(s) is to right click the file(s) in question! Be sure to click on the Download button at the bottom of the window not on the right – they’re always trying to get you to download something you don’t want!  When you install the software select Advanced and deselect everything below with a single click on the top preselected option because you don’t want that rubbish now do you! When you click on Next be sure to choose Custom installation and deselect some more rubbish! Then Decline to install Norton Security Scan and then Decline to install RegClean Pro! What’s left is what you want to be installed but there are still some more Declines to be wary of at the end of the installation . . . when in doubt always Decline! lol

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