Global National Directors

National Directors are responsible for running a national competition to select a single contestant for each category of the pageant. Please send an email if you are interested in gaining a National Director’s Licence – see CONTACT US for the email address.

View Commonwealth Pageants  Organization Hierarchical Structure:  Structure

Cameroon: Victor Samkoh – Africa Beauty & Culture (ABC Inc) (None provided for 2014)

Canada & USA: Aspi Wadiwalla (Miss Teen Canada, Miss Canada, USA QoF, Mrs India provided for 2014)

Kenya: Khayanga Wasike (1 provided for 2014)

Lesotho: Palesa Mtjale (None provided for 2014)

Malta: Vince Taliana (None provided for 2014)

Nigeria: Akinwalere Daniel – Strud Models International

Portugal: Alcino Francisco (None provided for 2014)

Singapore/Thailand: Tan Beverly (None provided for 2014)

South Africa: Anel De Swardt-Strydom at Commonwealth Pageants South Africa (5 provided for 2014)

Trinidad & Tobago: Sohan Badall (None provided for 2014)

Zimbabwe: Pauline Mapuvire (None provided for 2014)

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