Introducing Miss Teen Commonwealth Canada-USA from Florida USA Canadian Citizen!

We at Commonwealth International Pageant Canada are pleased to acclaimed/nominate our 5th, International Delegate Miss Teen Stella Datwiler, who will compete in our forthcoming Commonwealth Pageant Event schedule for November, 2016 in London, UK.
Our Miss Teen Canada/USA is currently based in Florida USA and is studying at IMG Academy which trains young students, for various sports, and our Teen Stella Datwiler is going to be our future Professional Tennis Star by the age of 16/17, she will make a debut for the first International Tennis Tournament, in any part of the world. Stella will be 14.5 years old in November, 2016 when she competes our Commonwealth Pageant Event in London, under the flags of Canada and USA she is basically a Canadian Citizen.
The National Group Director of Commonwealth International Asphandiar (Aspi) Wadiwalla  welcome our Miss Teen Canada to our Canadian & Allied Countries Delegation. During her 2.5 day’s visit to Toronto-GTA she gave 2 TV Channel Interviews viz on Tag TV Ca, and Rawal TV Studios here in Mississauga and on last day she was conferred & honored our  Sash & a Crown of our Canadian Goodwill Ambassador by the National Group Director of Commonwealth Canada and by Ms. Saba Durrani, who owns a big spa over here to empower our visiting Teen to her establishment.
We at Commonwealth Canada and Allied Countries welcome our Miss Teen Stella Datwiler, and wish her all the very best in all her future endeavours!  ~  Asphandiar (Aspi) Wadiwalla.

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