The first impression you probably might get when you see Princess Halliday is, who is this young charming, pretty lady with great dimples on her cute cheek,full rounded lips and a distinctive mole on her face.Yes! this is the first thing everyone notices upon seeing her but beyond these looks in the physical is an authentic young lady who leads with high Emotional Intelligence-A voice to reckon with. Having accomplished so much in such a young age, Princess Halliday makes us believe that you can be young, pretty, intelligent and still do things the right way. She has one on one conversations with Presidents, presidential candidates, Governors, Great leaders, celebrities and ordinary people doing extraordinary things.Princess Halliday speaks three different languages besides English.She is fluent in Hindi, French and Arabic.  She is from the Halliday Awusa “King Halliday” House of Grand Bonny Kingdom, making her a Princess by birth.
Princess Halliday  has been a  guest lecturer on Ethics and leadership  at the California State University Northridge. She is an internationally recognized leadership consultant. Having exercised her expertise in high-risk domestic and international situations; global conflict and terrorist incidents; diplomacy; and business, She is determined  to change the culture of  leadership for men, women, boys  and girls. Princess Halliday developed and  presented lectures to the U.S Army base Virginia on “Emotional intelligence, leadership and service members  transitioning from the military”. This was accepted and  considered for integration  into the system to help army officers and families during their transition process. Princess Halliday  keeps accomplishing the extraordinary.
At age 3, she became a radio talk show host, inspiring and motivating kids on positive lifestyle. She has a wide range of experience in corporate management, strategy and motivational speaking.From the age of 14 she has held leadership positions and became a strategy and business consultant for notable oil and gas, manufacturing and financial services companies.  Princess Halliday is a petroleum engineer, international business consultant, entrepreneur of several international businesses and executive producer and host of the ”Empower Africa Initiative – Princess Halliday Show”, At age nineteen, she first birthed EAI which was then in its’s first season, completely in exclusivity with multichoice Africa and syndicated in 48 countries globally through the multichoice platform. Princess Halliday’s passion for showcasing positivity and her uncanny ability to lead authentically with emotional intelligence and communicate with empathy has solidified her as one of the young female authentic voice in the world. Over the years Princess has interviewed Presidential candidates, World leaders, Movie stars, Governors, Senators, Ordinary people doing extraordinary things, musicians, and more. Most recently she hosted the Commonwealth London consisting of different Commonwealth countries and helped raised funds for common wealth charity pageants. For a year, Princess Halliday served the state of River State Nigeria as the special media and image consultant to the wife of the State Governor Dame Judith Amaechi.

In 2014, Princess Halliday along with women of the state visited Morocco for the world leaders summit/Crans Montana female leadership forum  in Rabat Morroco  where she met the President of Malta,President Marie Louise Coleiro Preca- the youngest female to assume the office of the President, and her Chief of Staff Mr John Camilleri.


Princess Halliday consistently notes that research has shown that women are still underrepresented in leadership positions and she is determined to help change this narrative where young women are rarely seen at the table.


“For avery long time, women have been underrepresented in elite leadership roles with a mindset that systematically underestimates their own abilities. To see these phenomenal women doing extraordinarily in significant leadership positions and  going beyond the perceived leadership labyrinth is Laudable” -Princess Halliday-

In July 2016, Empower Africa Initiative alongside princess Halliday designed the Empowered merchandise theme “Empowered”. Designed to help prepare and guide men and women  to their own Empowered parity. Portions of proceeds from this design goes towards helping the underprivileged in Africa. The sales have garnered support from several celebrities and people of note.

With Public speaking as her core, Princess Halliday revealed during her speech at the women in power forum  in Beverly Hills California 90210 that the sole reason EAI was created is showing positivity to the world and generating revolutionary leaders, keeping in mind that people are more likely to try to tackle difficult challenges when they see others whom they respect doing so.The graceful, multifaceted leadership consultant and  television talk show host received her bachelors in Petroleum Engineering, leadership certificate for post graduate  professionals in communication from Harvard University, Professional Graduate certification from school of business Virginia Commonwealth University and currently an additional degree in Leadership from Woodbury University Los Angeles California. Princess Halliday is determined to make a difference in the lives she touches that stretches further than ordinary boundaries—a true testament to reaching for the stars!

Princess Halliday will forever be acknowledged as a young innovator through the landmarks she is making, becoming the first Nigerian young female under thirty to strive towards accomplishing a degree in leadership and  really understanding what it means to lead authentically. In line with other prestigious qualification she has garnered, breaking a stereotype understanding of leadership has become her come as she progressively implements the extraordinary. As host of a television show, Inspiring millions of people across the world, discussing significant issues on her show such as equal rights toward gender, leadership, positive mindset, poverty, and many others. Princess Halliday will be seen as an icon, someone who paves the way for others to become successful. One phrase qualifies Princess Halliday – “AN EXTRAORDINARY YOUNG LADY”

She is determined to redefine LEADERSHIP as Africa knows it.

Princess Halliday is committed to ensuring men and women are authentically educated,  young girls receive the educational opportunity, leadership development and mentoring support necessary to become the new generation of female leaders across the continent of Africa as she strives to EMPOWER GIRLS to become influential leaders and decision makers who will lead authentically .

Do you need a custom keynote speech on women, power, or leadership that will bring people to their feet and give them usable takeaways?

Do you want to set up a panel or an experiential leadership workshop that teaches practical tools and motivates your employees or professional group?

Are you setting up a fundraiser to cultivate donors and garner media?

Princess Halliday tailors each presentation to your objectives, with heart, humor, experience, authenticity and leadership.

One of our our goal is to Empower 1million people across Africa on Authentic Leadership,  mindset renewal and the way forward in our economy.  Happy to work with you in this endeavor.
Empowering you to do positively and extraordinary is my core 

Want Princess Halliday to speak at your event?send your email to and someone from our team will be in touch with you as soon as possible. We look forward to connecting with you!


Stay Empowered!


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