Press Release for Miss Shumaila M our proud Miss Canada for 2016-17

This afternoon we duly acclaimed/nominated, Miss Canada for Commonwealth International for 2016-17 for her participation at our Event in London, UK under the Canadian Delegation and our Canadian Flag!!

Here is the Press Release for Miss Shumaila M our proud Miss Canada for 2016-17.

 Press Release from The National Director from Canada & Allied Countries Asphandiar (Aspi) Wadiwalla, which is as follow:-
This afternoon The National Director from Canada & Allied Countries, Asphandiar (Aspi) Wadiwalla and his team did another audition for Miss Canada Commonwealth for 2016-17  participation in London, UK under our Canadian Delegation, under our Proud Canadian Flag.
Miss Shumaila M.  is from GTA Toronto was fully Acclaimed/Nominated this afternoon to paticipate at our Annual Commonwealth Event being held in November, 2016 in London, United Kingdom, she will be the part & parcel,  of our Proud and Strong Canadian Delegation, from Toronto, Ontario during November, 2016 along with the other Delegates and her National Group Director from Canada!
 Canada Shumaila Malik # 1 Shumaila Malik # 6 Shumaila Malik # 9 Shumaila Malik # 13 Shumaila Malik # 14 Shumaila Malik # 15
Miss Shumaila M is a prominent young educated lady full of zeal and fire in her, and she is a graduate from University of South Wales from England, and currently serving in a high profile Job Assignment as
Cost Analyst qualified with her Master Degree in Marketing  Cost Management. Currently she plays the role of being  a Cost Analyst and plays around with lots of numbers and monitor her companies products and profitability verses sales annually. Our proud Miss Canada Commonwealth is a very well known figure in social and political circles here in Toronto-GTA, ON, Canada.
We at The Commonwealth International Team from Canada, whole heartedly welcome Miss Shumaila M. our proud and strong Miss Canada Commonwealth International for 2016-17 & congratulate her in all her endeavours. Miss Caanda 2016-17 would appear on Tag TV Canada next Saturday June 11, 2016 for a TV Interview and then for a Professional Photo-Shoot by our 3 Media Photographers viz Stephen Zhao, Mr. Darius Poon and one associate Media Photographer as well with top photographic equipement at Tag TV Canada. We are greateful to our Media Partner’s at Tag TV Ca Mr. Tahir Aslam Gora and Ms. Haleema Sadia for their atmost co-operation with us and our Commonwealth International Platform for 2016-17
Thank you, & Merci!!

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