Press Release from the MCW National Director of Canada & Allied Countries!!

From The National Director of Canada & Allied Countries!!

Asphandiar (Aspi) Wadiwalla is a Proud Recipient of Her Majesty’s The Queen

Elizabeth II, Diamond Jubilee Medal Award, during Her Majesty’s Diamond Jubilee 60th, Anniversary Celebrations in 2012. He was awarded this gracious Medal Award by The Governor General of Canada Hon. David Johnston  during June of 2012.

Later during 2013 Asphandiar (Aspi) Wadiwalla begged another Medal Award, whcih is a Federally Initiated Award The Timothy Street Medal Award gieven to him by then Member of Parliament from Streetsville, Mississauaga by Hon. Brad Butt of our Conservative Party of Canada.
The National Director of Commonwealth with Harper family
The National Director of Commonwealth, is a celebrated Civilian from Federal Government of Canada, and from his mainstream Conservative Party of Canada!!

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