Message from the Canada & Allied Countries (USA, India, Laos) Delegates will participate in this MCW November 27th, 2016 Event in London,UK

Congratulation To The National Director from Canada & Allied Countries (USA, India, Laos) Delegates !!!

We are please to state, that The National Director from Canada & Allied Countries (USA, India, Laos) Delegates  who participated during November, 2014 and proud to state that our Canadian Delegation Won two Crowns viz Mrs. Commonwealth from USA, and Mrs. Asia Pacific was won by Mrs. India and The First Runner-up Title of Miss Commonwealth was awarded from Canada!


Full Participation for the Forthcoming Commonwealth International Event taking place in London, United Kingdom during November, 2016.

We are pleased to inform Dr. Shola Fawehinmi CEO of Commonwealth International and his able Team for 2016 that your biggest ally of Commonwealth from The Continent of North America our beloved CANADA would join your Pageant Empowerment Event this year in London, United Kingdom.

While concluding on behalf of Commonwealth International, Canada and Allied Countries, wish to convey our warmest regards to Dr. Shola Fawehinmi and his able Team for 2016 plus i would also like to send The Greetings from our Interim Leader of Opposition in Canada Hon. Rona Ambrose being her Outreach Advisor & Critic for our mainstream Political Party here in Canada.

About Asphandiar (Aspi) Wadiwalla

The National Director from Canada is  Mr. Asphandiar (Aspi) Wadiwalla, who belongs to Persian Zoroastrian Community, and he is a Political & Human Rights Activist from Ontario, Canada. He is the current Vice President Outreach/Critic for our mainstream Official Opposition Conservative Party of Canada & acts as Advisor Critic for Our Federal Conservative Party of Canada and its present Official Leader of opposition Hon. Rona Ambrose, who is appointed by Her Majesty’s The Queen of England, being our sovereign head of Canada. He is also a well known Political, Social & Cultural Personality here in Canada. Asphandiar (Aspi) Wadiwalla is also The Executive Director of Miss United Nation International Pageant Inc. Ca. since 2010 to-date and The National Director of Commonwealth International London, UK since 2014 from Canada & Allied Countries!


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